Mardi Gras Variegated 4 oz. skein

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Now available in 5/2 and 8/2 Tencel™!

Hand-dyed 4 oz. skeins.
Color "Mardi Gras Variegated"

5/2 Tencel™ skein: approximately 520 yards.
Suggested weaving sett: 16-24 epi
Suggested knitting needle size: 2-4

8/2 Tencel™ skein: approximately 840 yards.
Suggested weaving sett: 18-27 epi

These are hand-painted yarns. If you need more than what is available, or want to guarantee matching skeins, you can now have yarn dyed to order! (With hand-painted yarns, each skein will vary in how it's painted, but pre-ordering guarantees the paints are made from the same batch.)
5/2 variegated skein Pre-Order
8/2 variegated skein Pre-Order