Handwoven Hand-Dyed Shawl - Peacock and Silver Lining with Black


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SOLD OUT, BUT MORE CAN BE WOVEN. Please contact me at amanda@shinydimefibers.com to have one woven for you. Expect a 2-3 week turnaround.

Colors: Peacock and Silver Lining, with Black

Unique, wearable artwork! Hand-painted and hand-dyed yarn, handwoven wrap. Approx. 13"x74" with additional 5" hand-twisted fringe.

Made with 100% Tencel yarn™. Tencel™, a brand name for lyocell fiber, is a type of rayon that is considered environmentally friendly in its production. It is very soft, has a satin sheen, and a beautiful drape. Tencel™ yarn dyes radiantly and makes stunning garments.

Care instructions:
Dry clean, or wash gently.
I recommend washing by hand or in a delicate machine wash cycle, with cold water and mild detergent.
Line dry only (it will shrink drastically in the dryer).
For best drape, iron hot with steam.