Fall Maples Cocktail 4 oz. skein

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Now available in 5/2 and 8/2 Tencel™!

Hand-dyed 4 oz. skeins.
Color “Fall Maples Cocktail"
*Note: Because the colors used for Fall Maples are primaries (red, yellow, blue), the resulting cocktail color can vary widely depending on what leftovers I'm using up. I've had pinks, browns, and greens result from using leftovers. I make no guarantees what you will receive, it's a surprise!
You will receive a surprise color skein, made by mixing the leftover dye from the painting process. The name reflects which colorway the leftover dye came from. The resulting cocktail color is unique each time. It will pair nicely with the colorway it was made from.

5/2 Tencel™ skein: approximately 520 yards.
Suggested weaving sett: 16-24 epi
Suggested knitting needle size: 2-4

8/2 Tencel™ skein: approximately 840 yards.
Suggested weaving sett: 18-27 epi

Because these skeins vary each time I dye them, I cannot guarantee color matches. You may or may not receive skeins of the same color.

Customer Reviews

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Kathy Wheeler
Fall Maples Cocktail 4 oz skein

Beautiful! Cannot wait to weave with it!

Judi Leatherberry
Fall Maples Cocktail Skein

This skein is a beautiful color and will go well with the painted warp! I can't wait to put this on the loom and see how it looks with the Fall Maples Warp I purchased. Just holding them together, i'm going to love them. Can't wait to see how the colors interact with each other.