Blues Gradient Palette #1 5/2 Tencel™ PRE-ORDER

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Hand-dyed 5/2 Tencel™ gradient yarn palette, in green-blue-purple tones.

The purple color comes from the color Eggplant. The other colors are new. Perhaps some will show up as 4 oz. skeins in the future?

This is a PRE-ORDER, which will be dyed to order and shipped in 2-3 weeks.

6 skeins, 2 oz. each
Approx. 260 yards each, 1560 yards total
(enough for at least one 74" woven scarf + fringe, set at 16epi, possibly two depending on scarf width, sett and picks per inch)

Suggested weaving sett: 16-20 epi plain weave, up to 24 epi for twills
Fingering weight, 2-ply yarn

Customer Reviews

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Judi Leatherberry
Blue Gradient Palette #1

The colors of this yarn are fantastic! Rich, deep colors in every skein are simply gorgeous...can't wait to use this yarn for a shawl! Going to be buying from SDF again, that's for sure!!

Ellen Grenier Bevill
Blue Gradients Palette #1

Love Tencel, so that was an easy one. The colors are fabulous, and looking forward to seeing what I can create.

Dawn Stone

Have not had an opportunity to play with this beautiful fiber, however, I highly recommend yhi