Fall Maples Rainbow Tencel™ Hand-Painted Warp

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Now available in 5/2 and 8/2 Tencel™!

Colorway "Fall Maples Rainbow"
This is a new variation of the Fall Maples colorway. The colors are painted in a different order to achieve a beautifully toned rainbow colorway.
208 ends, hand-painted warp for weaving. A pre-made cross is included ("X" marks the cross)
Available as a 6 yard warp or a 3 yard warp

5/2 Tencel™ suggested weaving sett: 16-24 epi
Approx. 8-13" wide in the reed depending on sett.

8/2 Tencel™ suggested weaving sett: 18-27 epi
Approx. 7.5-11.5" wide in the reed depending on sett

These are hand-painted yarns, please make sure to order enough yarn to complete your project to guarantee a color match. If you need more than what is available, or want to guarantee a matching dyelot, you can now have yarn dyed to order!
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Customer Reviews

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Betty Cameron

Color’s are wonderful 👍👍👍

Judith Leatherberry
Fall Maples Rainbow Warp

This is a beautiful warp! The colors are wonderful, and I can't wait to get it on my loom...hopefully very soon!