Small Batch #25 8/2 Ringspun Cotton Yarn

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  • Hand-Painted 8/2 Ringspun Cotton Yarn
  • Suggested weaving sett: 20-24 epi recommended, though many sett at 29 for towels
  • 4 oz. skein, approx. 840 yards
  • Color "Small Batch #25"

This is some heavenly soft 2-ply evenspun cotton yarn. A bit different than my normal Tencel™ yarn, it has a matte finish and is very absorbent, which makes it great for weaving towels. But it is also super soft and comfortable for wearing! Finished pieces are machine washable, though take care with fringe (I would recommend finishing the fringe with braid or twist for stability or hemming).

I like creating dappled colors like this, but the colors in this one came out a bit...meh.
If used right I think it could be very interesting!

These are hand-dyed limited-run skeins. This batch of skeins has been painted together with more spontaneity than my other variegated yarns. Once they are gone, they are gone for good!

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Julie K

It will make nice cotton towels and the colors are fun