Shiny Dime Fibers 4-shaft "Swirling Snowflakes" Scarf Kit

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This scarf features the Shiny Dime palette colors as a painted warp by Shiny Dime. The Swirling Snowflakes design is by Deb Essen, designer/owner of dje handwovens.

This 4-shaft twill based design is quick to weave up. The painted warp is wound and ready to go on your loom and has enough yardage to weave two scarves, each about 65” long plus fringe!

The warp color slowly shifts, and with the purple weft it creates a beautiful iridescent appearance. (The images can be viewed in full if you click on them.)

Kit Includes:

  • Pre-measured and hand-painted Shiny Dime Palette 5/2 Tencel™ Warp (208 ends, 6 yards long)
  • Two 4 oz. skeins of hand-dyed Amethyst 5/2 Tencel™ yarn
  • Printed instructions by dje handwovens

Equipment: 4 shaft floor or table loom with minimum 15” weaving width, 10 dent reed, 1 shuttle

Sett: 20 e.p.i.

Width in reed: 10.4 inches (208 warp threads)

Warp Length: 198 inches which is enough to weave 2 scarves with 65” woven length plus allowing for 8” tie-on/fringe and 20” loom (thrum) waste.

Shrinkage: Shrinkage of 10% off the loom/wet finished in woven length and width. 

Finished size-Samples: 9.5 inches wide x 60” long after ironing.

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Ellen Grenier Bevill
Swirling snowflakes

Beautiful warp - in process now. Changed the wefts.
Thank you!