Mystery Skein Sale!

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Interested in hand-dyed 5/2 Tencel™ skeins, but not quite sure what you want?
Allow me to be your "color concierge!"
Choose from the options below to give me an idea of what you would be interested in, and I'll send you a set of mystery 4 oz. Tencel™ skeins!

What fun surprise will arrive in your mailbox?

For putting your trust in me (and letting me do something I consider fun!), I'll give you 10% off your mystery skeins!

You will choose:

  1. Your first color choice
  2. Your preferred pairings to your first color choice:
    1. Similar in color (Ex: If you chose purple, all your skeins will be purple skeins)
    2. Bright/Vivid colors (Not necessarily similar to your first color choice. Ex: If you chose purple, your pairing skeins may not be purple. It will depend on what's available.)
    3. Earthy/Muted colors (Not necessarily similar to your first color choice. Read #2)
    4. Surprise me! (I get to choose. It may or may not be a combination of muted and/or bright colors.)
  3. Quantity. I am currently trying out pairings of 2-5 skeins.

All skeins will come from my regular 5/2 Tencel™ 4 oz skein collection. Does not include naturally-dyed skeins.

No refunds for disliking my choices.
But I think you'll like my choices.
I don't make ugly yarn :)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mystery Skeins

I received my package of mystery skeins and just love your choice of color combinations. I went with the “Surprise Me” because sometimes as a weaver you get into a rut with your color choices and need a kick in the proverbial pants and you did not disappoint!!! Looking forward to creating something with the colors that you have provided!

Judith Leatherberry
Mystery Skeins

Wow! I love both of my Mystery Skein selections! I think this was a fabulous idea, as it gave me colors I don't usually work with, and I can enjoy the weaving without the stress of choosing the colors! The colors I chose were orange and green because I usually go for blues, and I wanted to challenge myself to weave with a different color than usual. I love all the color selections, and can't wait to get to weaving with them!

Very excited!

I'm very excited about the yarn and colors I received and am looking forward to creating a beautiful scarf or shawl with them.