Sampler Embroidery Kit - Pink and Purple

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About the kit:

Early in the pandemic, I participated in Sue Spargo's 90-Day Instagram stitch-a-day challenge. Having no previous embroidery knowledge, I thought I would try out one or two designs just for fun, and see what I could learn using my hand-dyed embroidery thread. However, it was so addictive I ended up doing over 30 of them. The patterns from her challenge are now available in a printed booklet, and I'm excited to offer you the chance to try it out for yourself!

This kit uses hand-dyed Tencel™ yarn and naturally-dyed wool from my studiomate, Jean Haley Dye + Design.

With The Sampler Kit, Toned-Down Circle Sampler Pattern Booklet and Creative Stitching 2nd Edition (book and booklet sold separately), you have everything you need to begin right away!

I designed this kit to allow you to try out a smaller version of the Circle Sampler for yourself! Included is an undyed background wool rectangle, three colored wool pieces for cutting out circles, and a wooden circle template. A sewing kit includes a hand sewing needle and sewing thread for attaching your circles to the background fabric. The kit also includes two high-quality milliners needles that are approrpriate in size for the Tencel™ (I found the milliners were the most versatile, and could be used for all types of stitches included in the pattern booklet).

Kit is designed to be paired with the following books (sold separately):

      Included in all kits:

      Wool Pack:

      • Naturally dyed wool by Jean Haley Dye + Design
      • Enough wool to create a small version of Sue Spargo's Circle Sampler Pattern
      • Wood circle template to trace circles

      Sewing Kit:

      • 2 Milliners needles for embroidery
      • Sewing thread and a small hand sewing needle for attaching medallions to the background
      • Matchbook-style needle keeper

      Thread Palette:

      • 6 skeins of hand-dyed Tencel™ embroidery thread


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        Ellen Grenier Bevill
        Embroidery kit

        great colors! and awesome book.