Autumn Fields Hand-Painted Tencel™ Warp

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Now available in 5/2 and 8/2 Tencel™!

Colorway "Autumn Fields"
208 ends, hand-painted warp for weaving. A pre-made cross is included ("X" marks the cross)
Available as a 6 yard warp or a 4.5 yard warp

5/2 Tencel™ suggested weaving sett: 16-24 epi
Approx. 8-13" wide in the reed depending on sett.

8/2 Tencel™ suggested weaving sett: 18-27 epi
Approx. 7.5-11.5" wide in the reed depending on sett

These are hand-painted yarns, please make sure to order enough yarn to complete your project to guarantee a color match. If you need more than what is available, or want to guarantee a matching dyelot, you can now have yarn dyed to order!
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Customer Reviews

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kristina karpinski
Hand-Painted Tensel

A beautifully hand dyed warp chain arrived on time and well chained. Looking forward to more orders in the future!

Judi Leatherberry
Autumn Fields Warp

The colors of this warp are really nice! I don't normally go for these colors, but I was very impressed! This warp will be made into scarves for Christmas! My son is going to love it! I like that the colors are crisp and clear! I'm very glad that I bought this from Shiny Dime Fibers, and will be back for more hand-painted warps and matching skeins.