Black 5/2 Tencel™ 1 lb cone

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5/2 Black Tencel™, 1 pound cone (approximately 2,100 yards)

This is commercially-dyed neutral black yarn. Paired with my other colors, it will really bring out the vibrant hues and nuances of hand-dyed yarn.

Suggested weaving sett: 16-24 epi
Suggested knitting needle size: 2-4
Approximately 2100 yards per pound, or "lace weight."

Price per cone not weight, actual weight will vary slightly.

Customer Reviews

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Judith Leatherberry
Black 5/2 Tencel Cone

This cone looks really good, and I can't wait to see how it pairs with the Northern Lights warp. Always a pleasure ordering from SDF, and have never been disappointed by anything I've received!

Sorry, not very happy with this cone.

Unfortunately, this cone of 5/2 black tencel yarn is not like the other dyed warp tencel yarns in the shop. It is thin, loosely twisted and not regular in thickness.
I can provide photo’s comparing the yarns if you want.

Hi Donna!
Thank you for your honest review. I'm sorry to hear the Black Tencel™ didn't work out for you! Truly dark black is a difficult color to acheive, so I send my undyed yarn out to have it commercially dyed. It's the same yarn I use in all my dyeing, but to get it such a deep black color, the process does seem to change the characteristics of the yarn a little. Winding the finished yarn onto a cone, rather than hanging to dry and straightening/fluffing like I do, flattens the yarn and prevents the twist from...blooming you could call it? The company that dyes my yarn black wash it many times, and do a great job making the yarn bleed little to no color. I've woven with it and it seems to have a good hand and appearance after washing finished projects, perhaps slightly less lustrous. I will be happy to arrange a return if the yarn isn't the right quality for you!

Donna Sheppard
Black Tencel 1 lb cone

Looking forward using with my Mardi Gras Variegated skein. I think it will make a wonderful scarf.

Emily Jones

I think it is hard to find 5/2 Tencel so I’m glad Shiny Dime does.
Thank you

Angela Fishman
Prompt Delivery

I got the order just a few days after submitting and am very pleased with the product! The descriptions are very helpful in planning a weaving project.